Costa Caleta, Fuerteventura

Costa Caleta

Costa Caleta is the place where I live. To be more precise I live in Costa Antigua, formerly known as Nuevo Horizonte, but this is only just outside Costa Caleta, and if you were to believe the estate agents that sold me my house in 2004 there will soon be a golf course between the two. I believe some of the species are still claiming it will be built, but at the moment I know of no credible evidence that suggests that it will be. The rocky land between Nuevo Horizonte and Costa Caleta is known to the locals as "the moon" because someone once imagined it was a bit like a lunar landscape, and it was difficult to disagree with them.

The two places are connected by a coastal walk and cycle path, and there are plans to extend the path that connects the roundabouts to the Atlantico Shopping Centre so that it carries on to the north and then swings round to Costa Antigua. This would result in a loop of I guess five or six miles.

Costa Caleta also used to have a different name. It used to be called Caleta de Fuste, and is still known as El Castillo by the locals, as in the people that were local before the population boomed. There is a castle that was built a few hundred years ao to keep the English out. It worked in the short term.

The town of Caleta is located in a central position on the east coast of Fuerteventura, and is only six kilometres to the south of the airport. There is a direct bus service between the two and a taxi only costs around 10. is not meant to be a tourist guide to Caleta de Fuste, but a hobby site where I can publish some of the photographs I have taken in and around Caleta. I usually have a camera with me and I enjoy taking photographs. I hope you enjoy looking at them. I will also put information in about the way that the town is developing, as I know that many regular visitors like to know about the changes that are happening.

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